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Process re-design through simulation!
OSC and Semcon, have initiated a new collaboration in order to develop new market opportunities within sustainable production solutions based on digital twins and simulation.


The industrial sector is on a fast track towards more innovative processes and optimized production. The combination of digitalization and automation at an early stage opens new market opportunities and adds value to new as well as existing value chains. Semcon and OSC share many of the same values by focusing on the interaction between digitalization and human behavior.


Verification of technical solutions or industrial processes in a realistic and safe environment by using simulation reduces the risk, lead time, and costs related to evaluating various solutions. By simulating an updated process, one can also map the reduction in energy consumption and reduced environmental impact before the investments are implemented. Simulation provides return on investment in relation to planning, operational efficiency and reduces the risk of procedural errors.


OSC specializes in highly sophisticated, realistic, and integrated simulator solutions using real physics. What started as an innovative university “spinoff company” in 2005, is now a world-leading company within virtual prototyping and digital graphical twins with a large number of high-end custom simulation projects.


Semcon is an international technology company that specializes in product development and production optimization. With more than 2,000 employees in seven different countries, Semcon helps customers in transforming technology into excellent user experiences by uniting advanced engineering with digital edge. Read more about Semcon.