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Senior project manager

Job description:

We are looking for an experienced, driven and well organised senior project manager, Ideally with a background in engineering.

Required Skills

  1. Engineering or Science Degree at least bachelors’ level or above
  2. At least 3 years’ experience with senior project management ideally with formal qualifications in Project management, such as PMP
  3. Good high-level understanding of technology and engineering
  4. Knowledge and experience of project management best practice, such as EVM
  5. High level English written and spoken
  6. Structured and an ability to prioritise task in a fast and effective way
  7. Very Driven and enthusiastic
  8. Experience of Agile methodology
  9. Ideally experience of leading a team
  10. Understanding of both long and short-term focus including balance and prioritisation across the company’s portfolio of projects
  11. Proactive and able to take on responsibility
  12. Will report to and support directly the CEO